What is a Design Sprint?

Today I want to talk to you about the Design Sprint.

It is a method to materialize an idea into something concrete. To solve a problem or to test a business idea.

We are using it at ESADE with very good results.

In this video, I tell you about the 6 phases of this method and much more.

How can an i40 consultant help you with learning levels?

If you are a veteran driver, it is quite likely that you have once caught yourself driving on “autopilot” to the wrong destination. It has happened to me more than once.

Why does this happen to you?

Because you have acquired driving the fourth level of learning, i.e. the last one.

In today’s video, I tell you about all levels of learning and what this has to do with the future of work and Industry 4.0.

Let us work.

Let us work.

That’s how simple my claim is today.

The message is directed to all the doomsday analysts who predict disaster and whose opinions we can constantly read in the newspapers. I ask them to stop instilling fear in clients, which in turn hinders their projects.

Press play to learn more.

Everything will be software, software, and more software.

Do you remember my maxim: “Everything that can be software will end up being software”?
Well, today I want to share some news with you that will surely resonate with you. The director of Volkswagen in Spain states that their strategy for the future is based on: software, software, and more software.
And following this thread, talking about software, we inevitably come to Low Code / No Code (LC/NC) that I mentioned a few days ago.
In response to the questions and reactions I’ve received, I’ve decided to explain to you, in the form of a video, a demo to show you to what extent we can program without touching code.

Everything will be software: the jobs of the future.

I repeat it as a mantra: everything that can be software will end up being software. This idea, which you may have heard from me more than once, inevitably leads me to another idea: until recently, it was common for programmers to develop applications. For the rest, there were only two options: learn to program or hire a vendor. But this is changing. Let’s talk about the future now. Because in the face of this limiting idea, the concept of Low Code / No Code (LC/NC) comes into play. The future is already here.

Hormones and happiness

What would you say if I ask you…
Do you laugh often?
Do you sing or dance?
Do you sleep 8 hours?
Do you give hugs consciously?
Well, you’re probably wondering what all this is about.
Following the success of the post a few weeks ago about hormones and motivation, I’ve decided to continue with this topic, this time focusing on hormones and happiness.
There is a scientific basis regarding happiness levels, and it all boils down to 4 hormones: dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin.
The best part is that we play a significant role in regulating our hormones.

Virtual Reality and Metaverse

I am a tireless dreamer. I like to dream big, and even though I try to be realistic, I don’t settle for less. Today I will tell you one of my dreams. I’m going to talk to you about Virtual Reality and the Metaverse. Two concepts that we have been hearing for quite some time and that seem to be gaining momentum in recent months.

How can we increase motivation?

New Year and new resolutions, right?
When we set any goal or resolution, as it usually happens every January 1st, there is something we must take into account. Without motivation, it is difficult to achieve what we have set out to do.
In addition, in the business environment, we can also make some decisions to influence the motivation of our employees or colleagues.

Salaries that help retain talent Part 2.

In last week’s post, we opened the discussion about the salary that each worker deserves, based on the value they bring to the company.
It is a topic that, without a doubt, companies must take into account in order to keep employees motivated and engaged.
The truth is, it’s such an extensive topic that I could record several more videos.

Salaries that help retain talent

Before you continue reading, I want to warn you about something: today I’m going to talk about a taboo topic.
I’m going to talk about money.
It’s a topic that is sometimes uncomfortable, but I want to emphasize how important it is to be able to talk about money, especially in the business environment.
More specifically, today I would like to talk about salaries. And if we narrow it down further, I’d like to talk about the salary that heuristic workers should receive.
What are heuristic workers? Well, heuristic workers are those who have more than one path to reach the proposed objective, and, therefore, their level of motivation and commitment will be closely related to the results of their work.

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