A good method for prioritizing ideas

Are you also more creative than ever when you’re not working?
It’s logical. The reason is that the creative part of our brain is activated when we are relaxed.
But when your brain is relaxed, it tends to shoot without aiming, and it doesn’t distinguish between what’s important and what’s not, or between what’s urgent and what’s not.
And it’s precisely for this reason that you need a method. And today I want to tell you about one of the good ones, one that I assure you works.
It is a Lean methodology called the Hypothesis Priorization Canvas. Do you want to know what this method is about? Press play!

The foundation to be able to prioritize ideas.

Recently, a client asked me what he was doing wrong because, in his day-to-day life, the hours flew by and he had the feeling of not having accomplished anything.
Does this feeling sound familiar to you? Something tells me it does.
My answer was clear: you need to learn how to prioritize.
And I talked to him about former President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower.
What does a former president of the United States have to do with prioritizing ideas?

How NOT to prioritize ideas

Let’s imagine for a moment an ideal world where prioritizing ideas was an easy task.
Wake up now, dreaming is over!
In fact, there are those who survive by prioritizing “randomly,” we’re sure we all know someone like that. They use the ASM method, which stands for “A Sort of Magic.”

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